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Calvin Wetzel
Basketball junkie living in Central Illinois. Twitter: @cwetzel31 Older articles: https://medium.com/@cwetzel31 Other content: https://linktr.ee/cwetzel31
Kim Doss
Middle-aged wife, mom and grandma.
Megan Gauer
Women's basketball writer and podcast host for Her Hoop Stats and the UConn WBB Weekly / UConn Blog / Storrs Central
Heaven Hill
Journalism major at Seton Hall. Big fan of sports, naps, and making playlists
Clay Kallam
I've been writing about women's basketball since the mid-'90s and started coaching in high school in 1978.
Just a girl who loves the WNBA :)
hoops junkie. have studied the game at a high level for 10+ years. love to learn new things.
Adam Vachon
Basketball analytics and trivia enthusiast from just outside of Boston; cruciverbalist in training
Her Hoop Stats
Unlocking better insight about women's basketball
Aneela Khan
Women's College basketball, WNBA and Canadian Senior Women's National Basketball team blogger and writer.
Gabe Ibrahim
Writing about Women's basketball for Her Hoop Stats and Sports History for Ball Through The Ages
Derek Willis
Now: journalist at ProPublica. Soon: data journalism lecturer at University of Maryland. Always: fan of hoops, cricket and election data. thescoop.org.
Alford Corriette
Contributor for Her Hoop Stats (graphics/CBA articles/Lines of the Night)
Cindy Smith
Sports enthusiast
B. Dull
Kavya Kashyap
Women's sports devotee twitter: @kavyakashyap28 & @womeninsportsin
Rylee Pedotti
fourth-generation rancher. golfer. ag + rural policy wonk. inhaling all things sports.
Zoe Vernon
Statistics PhD student at UC-Berkeley. Former college basketball player. Interested in basketball analytics.
Basketball Chess
Data and film analysis are my two passions :)